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About GeospatialSmart

GeospatialSmart provides advanced solutions for geospatial industry.Headquartered in Beijing, GeospatialSmart Co., Ltd. focus on photogrammetry and remote sensing, and develops web-based platform and application software. Moreover, GeospatialSmart possess diverse products and services, including data products, third-party product, consulting, system integration, customized software development service.
With novel technology and distinctive vision, GeospatialSmart develop powerful but unique products. We launch a web based Geospatial software solutions, leading RS to Cloud, the mainly characteristics including B/S mode, Web RS Service, distributed system, SOA and Application quick build architect. On the other hand, a series of practical and cost efficient customized software systems were designed by GeospatialSmart to meet costumer’s need.
Since founded, GeospatialSmart has built a highly experienced technical team, a powerful sales force and marketing network. A close relationship and long term cooperation with government was established, the company undertakes numbers of national major projects for years. The products and service has widely customer groups, and received high acclaim unanimously.
Products & Solutions
GeospatialSmart has independent platform and multi-dimension applications software products, thematic data and industrial solutions, as following:
Web-Based Software Products
  • Geospatial  iRS  Platform: iRS Server & WebBox 
  • Geocoded Data Management System :  DataMaster TM
  • Information Extraction Collaborative Operation System:    e- Interpretor TM
  • Bigdata Analysis and Virtualization : AnavisTM

Resale Products

Customized Software Development Service
Building value-added industrial Applications and integrated system, based on GeospatialSmart product platform and third-party products
Data Service
  • Basic Data
  • Fine Processed Data
  • Thematic Data
  • 3D Modeling
  • Data Processing Service
Provide data based comprehensive solutions, from UAV to satellite sensor data, deeply processed 2D/3D data,and industrial orientated thematic data.
With expertise in remote sensing, photogrammetry, GIS, programming and project management, GeospatialSmart provides professional geospatial solutions in vertical domain. Besides, Geospatial Smart Library TM is a knowledge source founded by GeospatialSmart, which is consist of experts, professional staff, and technological achievement like algorithms or models, to handle challenge projects.
Partner Plan
GeospatialSmart likes to share value with partners. To deliver the best products to the customer, we build the tunnel for partners in China, and provide sales force network, marketing, localization, support and value-add service.
GeospatialSmart will do its best product and service in the spirit of innovation and profession, to
Open a Smart Geospace !
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